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October 27 2013


Hospital Management Software, Accounting, Billing Software For Hospitals, Nursing Homes - Youtube

Vor einem Jahr hatte er sich auf Drangen seiner Tochter bei dem Kurznachrichtendienst registriert. Kurz darauf verlor er bereits das Interesse. Zu viele Promis und zu wenige seiner Freunde seien zu finden gewesen, klagt der Mann aus dem Spielerparadies in der Wuste Nevadas. Bei dem sozialen Netzwerk Facebook schaut er dagegen taglich vorbei. Weil Twitter jetzt an die Borse strebt, schauen potenzielle Investoren ganz genau hin. Wie viele Karteileichen hat das US-Unternehmen? Einer Umfrage von Reuters/Ipsos zufolge nutzen 36 Prozent von mehr als 1000 befragten Personen ihren Twitter-Zugang nicht. Sieben Prozent haben ihn wieder geloscht. Dagegen geben in der Erhebung lediglich sieben Prozent von knapp 2500 Facebook-Mitgliedern an, eigentlich nicht bei dem Netzwerk aktiv zu sein. Funf Prozent sind wieder ausgestiegen. Twitter wollte sich mit Verweis auf die Schweigepflicht vor dem Borsengang nicht aussern.

The program includes built in tools like Information Export Panel Information Export Panel that allows you to export all reports from to program to Printer with print preview, email, MS Excel, MS Word, CSV Text and also upload to web using FTP. All reports can be displayed in grid as well as in list view (sort-able) format. Another tool included with the program is Communication Control that is linked to party (customer, supplier, employee etc.) records. You can write a communication using word, excel or notepad or send an email to a party. The communication is linked with the party record and can be re-accessed again. Also telephone numbers can be dialed by click of a button using the computer modem. The a program has an OCX user interface that make data entry effortless and editing of all records is possible with ledger and inventory being updated automatically. A number of reports are displayed with graphs. All reports can be exported in various format as described above. HiTech Business Accounting Software are Barcode Enabled. A powerful bar code solution, beginning with the implementation of the HiTech Bar Code module, streamlines your entire business process. You can collect data by scanning barcode more quickly than ever before, and warehouse and shipping/ receiving staff can record bar coded items with a scanner connected to a computer. An array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way for not only inventory counts, but also quantities, item numbers and lot or serial numbers of goods shipped and goods received. Instead of time-consuming manual data entry, the data can be easily scanned into the computer to appropriate data field in your HiTech Accounting and Inventory Control System.

October 26 2013


How Ibm Is Making Computers More Like Your Brain. For Real

Bruno Michel describes Aquasar, an IBM Research prototype high-performance computing machine that uses unusually high-temperature liquid cooling. 1-2 of 10 Scroll Left Scroll Right It's all part of what IBM calls the cognitive systems era, in which computers aren't just programmed, but also perceive what's going on, make judgments, communicate with natural language, and learn from experience. It's a close cousin to that decades-old dream of artificial intelligence. "If we want to make an impact in the cognitive systems era, we need to understand how the brain works," said Matthias Kaiserswerth, a computer scientist who's director of IBM Research in Zurich , speaking during a media tour of the labs on Wednesday. One key challenge driving IBM's work is matching the brain's power consumption. Over millions of years, nature has evolved a remarkably efficient information-processing design, said Alessandro Curioni , manager of IBM Research's computational sciences department. The ability to process the subtleties of human language helped IBM's Watson supercomputer win at "Jeopardy." That was a high-profile step on the road to cognitive computing, but from a practical perspective, it also showed how much farther computing has to go. "Watson used 85 kilowatts," Kaiserwerth said. "That's a lot of power. The human brain uses 20 watts." Bruno Michel describes Aquasar, an IBM Research prototype high-performance computing machine that uses unusually high-temperature liquid cooling. (Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET) Dense 3D computing The shift in IBM's computing research shows in the units the company uses to measure progress. For decades, the yardstick of choice for gauging computer performance has been operations per second -- the rate at which the machine can perform mathematical calculations, for example. When energy constraints became a problem, meaning that computers required prohibitive amounts of electrical power and threw off problematic amounts of waste heat, a new measurement arrived: operations per joule of energy. That gauges a computer's energy efficiency. Now IBM has a new yardstick: operations per liter. The company is judging success by how much data-processing ability it can squeeze into a given volume. Today's computers must be laid out on flat circuit boards that ensure plenty of contact with air that cools the chips. "In a computer, processors occupy one-millionth of the volume. In a brain, it's 40 percent. Our brain is a volumetric, dense, object," said Bruno Michel , a researcher in advanced thermal packaging for IBM Research, who got his Ph.D in biophysics. What's the problem with sprawl? In short, communication links between processing elements can't keep up with data-transfer demands, and they consume too much power as well, Michel said. The fix is to stack chips into dense 3D configurations, with chips linked using a technology called through-silicon vias (TSVs) . That's impossible today because stacking even two chips means crippling overheating problems. But IBM believes it's got an answer to the cooling problem: a branching network of liquid cooling channels that funnel fluid into ever-smaller tubes. The liquid passes not next to the chip, but through it, drawing away heat in the thousandth of a second it takes to make the trip, Michel said. The company has demonstrated the approach in an efficient prototype system called Aquasar. (Get ready for another new yardstick: greenhouse gas emissions.

Hewlett-Packard's labs looking to cut energy use of computers

-- ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN By Grace Chng Senior Correspondent Hewlett-Packard chief executive Meg Whitman yesterday gave the audience at a forum here a peek into the research being done by the computing giant. Her firm wants to change the fundamental structure of computers, she said, to make them more ecologically sound and affordable. Ms Whitman told New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who was moderating the exchange, that photonics technology, which centres on the use of light, can help create new computers that use less energy, emit less heat and cost less. "The fundamental computing architecture hasn't changed in 60 years. It is becoming inefficient," she added, noting that the electronic components in a laptop are connected by copper wires which get hot. More power is needed to cool the computer, which in turn drains battery life. Ms Whitman, a former CEO of eBay and unsuccessful candidate for the governorship of California, said research in HP's labs has already commercialised a technology now used in the tech giant's Moonshot servers. The servers, which hit the market early this year, use 89 per cent less energy, occupy 80 per cent less space, are 97 per cent less complex and 77 per cent cheaper than existing products. This is possible partially because the servers use microprocessors that power smartphones, said Ms Whitman, who was speaking at The New York Times Global Forum Asia held at the Four Seasons Hotel. This one-day forum, which was organised by The New York Times, attracted about 250 senior executives. "These tiny chips use less electricity. The Moonshot servers power hp.com with the equivalent of 12 60-watt light bulbs," she said. This leading edge is keeping HP ahead of its competitors by 12 to 18 months, she added. To keep up with competitors, HP has to invest in disruptive innovation which requires huge investments in labs and engineers. Companies that want to innovate should focus, she advised. "You can't have random innovation. It's good to let a thousand flowers bloom but you also have to weed the garden." As an example, HP's inkjet printer manufacturing plant in Singapore developed a technology for shooting the ink out of the printer head onto the paper. This is also how drugs can be automatically dispensed. "So we licensed this technology to the pharmaceutical companies," said Ms Whitman. chngkeg@sph.com.sg Related Stories

October 23 2013


As Many As 300,000 Jobless Affected By State Software Snags

Pace of U.S. job growth slows It's one of the big IT contractors involved in deploying the Affordable Care Act and provides tech services to the Internal http://www.socialequitypartners.org Revenue Service. In California, Deloitte has racked up more than $540 million in tech work over the last 10 years, making it the state's third-highest-paid IT contractor. Over the last two years, the company has spent more on lobbying legislators than any other competing firm in its field.

conversational tone style="clear:both">SAP bucks gloomy software trend by keeping profit forecast

GWRE has a PE ratio of 77.8. Currently there are 3 analysts that rate Guidewire Software a buy, no analysts rate it a sell, and 1 rates it a hold. The average volume for Guidewire Software has been 435,300 shares per day over the past 30 days. Guidewire Software has a market cap of $2.8 billion and is part of the technology sector and computer software & services industry. TheStreetRatings.com Analysis: TheStreet Quant Ratings rates Guidewire Software as a hold . The company's strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such as its robust revenue growth, largely solid financial position with reasonable debt levels by most measures and good cash flow from operations. However, as a counter to these strengths, we also find weaknesses including disappointing return on equity, premium valuation and feeble growth in the company's earnings per share. Highlights from the ratings report include: The revenue growth greatly exceeded the industry average of 5.7%. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues rose by 43.4%.

MicroStrategy revamps software for bigger data sets, faster visuals

"Today, it is mainly the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen which impacted our overall performance, and there are some other currencies," SAP's Chief Financial Officer Werner Brandt said, referring to these currencies weakening versus the euro. "You can't limit it down to just one currency. It is the entire basket of currencies." SAP reported a 5 percent rise in third-quarter operating profit, excluding special items, to 1.3 billion euros, fuelled by its web-based software products.

Guidewire Software (GWRE) Trading With Heavy Volume Before Market Open

Were delivering a substantial new set of functionality, said Kevin Spurway, MicroStrategys vice president of industry and mobile marketing. The company has rebranded and upgraded its flagship BI application, now called the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform, and has introduced a new desktop application designed to allow business analysts to easily parse large data sets from different sources. MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise 9.4, a significant upgrade from MicroStrategy 9.3.1, includes a new capability the company calls data blending, which allows users to combine data from more than one source; the software stores the data in working memory without the need for a separate data integration product. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/att-digital-life-new-home-security-and-automation-service-launches-in-seven-additional-us-markets-2013-10-21 Previously, we were able to combine data from different sources, but it required work from IT.


Apple Reveals New Macbook Pro, Mac Pro And Free Software Upgrades

Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Brokerage Industry

Image Caption Both laptops are available for shipping starting today. The Mac Pro comes with its own impressive spec sheet, including the ability to have a 12-core Intel Xeon processor. Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of Marketing, said that the Mac Pro's hardware is capable of outputting up to three different displays at 4K resolution, well beyond the normal 1080p. The desktop unit will be ready to go by the end of the year, he said. Apple also overhauled its software package. "Today, we are announcing a new era for the Macs," said Craig Federeghi, VP of Software Engineering, said of Apple's software pricing strategy. The new operating system, Mavericks, as well as upgrades to the iWork and iLife family of applications, will be free for Apple users.

Avast Software emerged from Communism to shine in security

It's one of the many twists and turns in a 25-year history punctuated by the release last week of a new security product and the addition of 20 million to 40 million users a year. "We didn't expect it (to survive)," Baudis says, laughing. We are very lucky. Circumstances forced us to go freemium.

Apple Announces New iPads and Computers As venture firm Bessemer Venture Partners describes in its Top Ten Laws of Cloud Computing , new software customers no longer feel bound to the likes of SAP and Oracle; instead, theyre seeking products that are cheap and cheerful. Freemium business models can take advantage of this new sentiment brought on by IT consumerization and help SaaS businesses grow organically at large organizations. Such models allow businesses to quickly reach a wider user base and gain paying customers that come in from the cold from within their own organizations. In an enterprise context, what began with corporate e-mail functioning on a Blackberry has evolved into the presence of a powerful computer in everyones pocket, as well as a second trend in mobile computing: bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Employees want to use their mobile devices just as much or sometimes more than their own desktops or PCs. In many cases, they bring their personal devices to work or use personal devices at home to do work outside of typical business hours. Though at first skeptical of thebring-your-own-device phenomenon, businesses have since embraced it. Gartner estimates that by 2017, half of all employers will require employees to supply their own devices. The BYOD trend creates a host of opportunities for start-ups to address the security and integration challenges that arise when running business applications and making company data available across multiple, varied devices.Going further, it is likely that a new class of enterprise software will rise and take advantage of the user interfaces and sensors in smartphones, in order to create custom work experiences for a variety of businesses that are not possible on the PC-based web. There are many differences between the mobile and PC Internet experience, including the subtle but important fact that users have historically accessed the Internet by PC rather than phone.

Apple's Free Software Gambit Means War With Microsoft

SAP's rival Oracle (ORCL.N) last month gave a cautious outlook for its fiscal second quarter as it continued to battle soft global IT demand and smaller rivals focused on providing software over the Internet. SAP, based in the southern German town of Walldorf, also confirmed its forecast for revenues from software and software-related services to rise at least 10 percent this year, weblink excluding exchange rate fluctuations. But if exchange rates remain at September levels, growth could come in about 5 percentage points lower than expected, it added. SAP also said its operating profit growth, excluding special items, could see a hit of about 7 percentage points from currency effects. "Today, it is mainly the U.S.

Software Revolution, Part IV: Computing in a Mobile World

This training is intended to help the staffs acquire the skills and techniques to help them impalements and make use of the new system. The most preferred choice of technology for this company is delivery of solutions for various platforms based on open source technology and open standards which ensure security, compatibility and stability over the long lifespan of the application and reduce the ongoing and upfront fees of licensing. At http://www.anahata-it.com.au you will get more information about the services that this company offers and how you can hire them. About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd Founded in 2010 by Robert Nagajek and Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software company specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications. Since 2013, Anahata Technologies offers software development and consultancy services in Melbourne (Victoria). In May that year, Joana Lopez Castrillo was anointed Regional Manager for Victoria. Anahatas preferred delivery approach is an iterative, customer centric software development process where business analysts visit customer premises to gather requirements, outline the current business processes and design an improved flow.

SAP bucks gloomy software trend by keeping profit forecast

With Mac sales down a bit this year and Apples revenue up to roughly $170 billion in the fiscal year that just ended, its safe to assume the portion that was Mac software is smaller than ever. Though the company still has a few paid offerings, like Aperture and Final Cut Pro, it basically just decided that there was more value in giving the software away than collecting whatever pittance it was bringing in. Everybody in, the waters fine This makes it likely that the new OS X, Mavericks, which was also released yesterday, will find its way onto millions of Mac desktops. It might even see adoption similar to what the new iOS 7 has received on mobile: 64% of all devices in use in about a month, according to CEO Tim Cook, who called the iOS uptake,the biggest and fastest software upgrade ever. Given that Mavericks will run on nearly all the http://www.marketwatch.com/story/att-digital-life-new-home-security-and-automation-service-launches-in-seven-additional-us-markets-2013-10-21 companys computers including many from as early as 2007 the odds favor most Mac owners upgrading.

October 22 2013


Protracker Software Announces Protracker Cloud

Why Apple Wants Its Software to Be Free

We've also added new security features to meet the strict requirements imposed on FINRA- and SEC-regulated firms," Mackensen said. Powered by SugarCRM, an open-source database trusted by millions worldwide, and enhanced with insights from Mackensen and hundreds of other financial planning practitioners who've tested ProTracker products over the years, ProTracker Cloud will reside on Amazon Web Services. The web-based solution will allow financial advisors to manage their practice and client records from any Internet-connected device. Built by a tenured financial advisor with years of experience serving retail investors, ProTracker Cloud offers the following benefits: Two-factor authentication process reduces security concerns "Teams" function facilitates supervision and regulatory compliance Allows users to define workflow processes, assign tasks and monitor completion Allows the advisory firm to run automated marketing communication campaigns Accessible from any mobile device Scalable for any size practice, from sole proprietor to multi-office firm Helps manage tasks and nurture relationships Imports from portfolio management systems and accounting software Provides many standard reports and a custom report builder Organizes financial, life planning and estate information related to client accounts Manages emails and other electronic documents Synchronizes contacts, appointments, tasks with Outlook and indirectly with PDAs Expedites communication with individuals, clients and groups via email and printed mailings Offers fast navigation and an intuitive interface Flexible subscription model provides cost-effective options for growing firms NOT JUST http://www.socialequitypartners.org ANOTHER CRM ProTracker Cloud has a built-in "teams" function, which enables independent broker/dealers and their Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJs), as well as independent Registered Investment Advisors, to monitor and manage workflows and client communications. Silos of information can be contained and viewed only by those with set permissions. ProTracker Cloud is built on two-factor authentication. This means that the user enters a user name and password to access the system and then receives a time-limited, second passcode only after the first level of authentication is achieved. "Security breaches are a growing concern in all industries, but this is a major issue for financial services firms. Two-factor authentication is 'a must have' in my opinion," said Mackensen, who served as a communications officer on a nuclear submarine while in the Navy.

Denver-area software company lands investment

(Photo: Martin Svoboda, USA TODAY) SHARE 421 CONNECT 59 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE PRAGUE Totalitarianism often leads to capitalism. Consider the ominous-sounding Research Institute for Mathematical Machines where, in 1988, researchers Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudis toiled while Czechoslovakia was a satellite of the Soviet Union. Kucera had no future in physics because he refused to join the Communist Party. Baudis was no better off, examining strange code on a floppy disk that turned out to be the Vienna virus. "I was prohibited by the Communists from practicing physics, so I did (information technology)," Kucera says from a penthouse office overlooking Prague. "It was the reason for our success. With Communism, there are no successful companies." Little did Kucera and Baudis know that a quarter-century later, their modest cooperative then called ALWIL would blossom into Avast Software, a full-fledged international phenomenon. With nearly 200 million customers in 43 languages a staggering 1 million users in 38 different countries it is used by more people than rivals AVG Technologies, Symantec and McAfee combined.

MicroStrategy revamps software for bigger data sets, faster visuals

The funding from Mainsail Partners , a growth equity firm, is a significant milestone for a company that has bootstrapped its way so far, said Jeff Gardner, Zen Planner CEO. This growth capital, combined with Mainsails experience in scaling companies like ours, will allow us to further invest in product development, mobile solutions, sales and marketing, and deliver high-quality customer service, Gardner said. Zen Planner LLC started in 2006 with the idea that existing software for fitness companies didnt fit the industrys needs, and that better software could help the companies thrive. Vinay Kashyap and Jason Payne, from Mainsail Partners, will join the Zen Planner board, the company said.

Longer term however, investors hope to http://www.examiner.com/article/digital-advertising-use-on-st-luke-s-campus see real device innovation from a company that has not unveiled a new breakthrough product in years. Cook on Tuesday dismissed the competition as directionless. "Our competition is different: they're confused," he said. "Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs.

Hey software engineers, if you want the big bucks, think networking

It can connect with the MongoDB NoSQL data store as well as Hadoop distributions from Hortonworks, Intel and Pivotal. Analytics Enterprise now comes with the R statistical programming language , increasingly used for statistical analysis. Geographic Information System (GIS) software and service vendor Esri have provided a set of map skins and cartographic markers that can be used for geographic renditions of data sets. MicroStrategy also has improved the performance of the software. The application can now fit 10 times as much data in memory as the previous version could, and the self-service querying now runs up to 40 percent faster. In addition to updating its core enterprise software, MicroStrategy has also released a free tool to help business analysts fetch data from various sources and copy it directly to their desktops.

Avast Software emerged from Communism to shine in security

Instead it is Juniper Networks, a company usually associated with networking hardware but that is making a big push into software-defined networking. Juniper pays its software engineers on average $160K per year, according to new research from Glassdoor . LinkedIn was second at $136K; then Yahoo at $130K; with Google at $127K just edging out Twitter at $125K. Networking companies Arista, Brocade and Cisco took up four of the top 25 companies ranking 11, 16 and 17 respectively. Last year, Cisco was the only networking company to crack the top 15 payers. In a research note referencing Glassdoors findings, UBS analyst Amitabh Passi wrote: The fact that software engineers are being increasingly sought by networking companies is not a surprise, given the importance of software defined networking, infrastructure automation, orchestration, and increasing use of open source models within networking. The top 5 companies in this category last year were Google, Facebook, Apple, Ebay andZynga.

Apple gives away Mac software, unveils iPad Air

Philip W. Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc, introduces the new iPads during an Apple event in San Francisco, California October 22, 2013. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Mavericks and two other software suites, iWork and iLife , are now available for download free of charge. This continues an ongoing trend at Apple of lowering software pricesthe previous version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, cost only $30. Compare that with Microsoft ( MSFT ), which charges $120 for the base version of its latest operating system, Windows 8.1, and $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro. By going free, Apple has acknowledged something thats been true in the industry for years: Software is a means to sell hardware. Sure, there are some specialized applications that can command a hefty profit margin, but bread-and-butter applications used in the mainstream are not things you sell. They are things people get when they turn on that shiny new object they just shelled out for.

October 21 2013


Messaging Software Yapmo Helps Real Estate Agents, Sellers ? Quietly

Avast Software emerged from Communism to shine in security

But the Yapmo software makes the process more efficient. Agents are able to automatically shop the property in-house directly to buyers and other agents who have expressed an interest in that kind of house, that price range or perhaps that area. It isn't intended to limit exposure to keep the deal in-house, Van Eck said. Rather, it is intended to maximize exposure during the "downtime" between when a listing is taken and the house is ready to show. "Nothing in the MLS defines what people are looking for," says Boehmig, the Atlanta broker. "But with this tool, a conversation can ensue while a house is getting ready to come on the market. Our agents can say, 'I want to hear about that kind of stuff but not that kind of stuff.'" Yapmo also works well for sellers who don't know what their homes are worth, or for those who value their privacy and don't want to tell the world that they are getting ready to put their properties on the market or what price they are asking.

A busy screen is shown on the laptop of a Certified Application Counselor as he attempted to enroll an interested person for Affordable Care Act insurance in Miami This puts at risk the basic underpinning of the law: that the legal requirement on individuals to buy health insurance will provide high even revenue and a broad enough risk pool to cover the cost of health care for older people and others who have chronic health conditions. The greatest appeal of Obamacare is that it provides access to people who couldn't find insurance. But for Obamacare to work, for insurers to continue coverage, millions of healthy, younger Americans must sign up. Their premiums help pay the costs of covering older, sicker people. If the healthy don't sign up, if they choose instead to pay a modest penalty, the entire system could plunge as costs rise, insurers pull out, and markets collapse.

Seapine Software Releases 2013 Medical Device Development Report

Avast, Dutch for "stop," protects nearly one-fourth of all protected devices, according to Opswat. The secret to its success is the freemium model it adopted out of desperation in 2001, after the threat of bankruptcy and withering competition from Symantec and McAfee put Avast on death's doorstep. It's one of the many twists and turns in a 25-year history punctuated by the release last week of a new security product and the addition of 20 million to 40 million users a year. "We didn't expect it (to survive)," Baudis says, laughing. We are very lucky.

Beware of fraud by closing agents at real estate settlements In a research note referencing Glassdoors findings, UBS analyst Amitabh Passi wrote: The fact that software engineers are being increasingly sought by networking companies is not a surprise, given the importance of software defined networking, infrastructure automation, orchestration, and increasing use of open source models within networking. The top 5 companies in this category last year were Google, Facebook, Apple, Ebay andZynga. Also interesting to note is that Walmart, which is waging a fierce battle with Amazon in retail, is ranked number 8 at $122K per year while Amazon itself weighed in at http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Family/Modern-Parenthood/2013/1020/Digital-literacy-How-soon-should-kids-learn-to-use-touch-screens number 14 with $111K per year for its software engineers. As for regional pay differences, its not surprising that of the 20 biggest U.S. cities, San Francisco Bay Area ranks first in highest base salaries for software engineers at just under $112K per year.

How To Use Task Management Software To Increase Employee Productivity

The app has a soft shadow aesthetic and background color customization. The ability to collaborate, however, comes at a cost. While Wunderlist is a good choice for an individual looking to stay organized, it lacks sync functionality to a calendar of your choice and has no calendar of its own. SmartTM Winner of the Evernote Devcup 2013 award for Best Business Integration, SmartTM is front-end software that syncs with the popular online cloud storage medium Evernote to provide a task-based productivity solution based on David Allens Getting Things Done methodology. From within SmartTMs Inbox, you can create tasks and organize them by assigning context- sensitive notes, priority and attitude as in, how you feel. While the focus of this app is clearly on the individual rather than a team, the inclusion of a comprehensive productivity ethos and a Smart Review feature that tracks your performance offers an experience thats quite unique. While it lacks an Android version, and regrettably an online version as well, SmartTM has a contemporary look with native iPhone and iPad apps.

Hey software engineers, if you want the big bucks, think networking

The changes allow them to better focus on the artifacts they need to track to assure product quality and more effectively mitigate risk. For risk management alone, survey results show a 500 percent increase in the use of commercial software tools since 2011. Participants also identified where their product development processes are weak, and the barriers that keep them from improving those processes. Nearly 60 percent indicated the same non-productive http://www.mydeceptionpass.com chore--documenting work--as one of their most time-consuming tasks, taking valuable hours or even days away from more productive work. After analyzing data from both the 2011 and this year's surveys, Seapine's industry experts estimate between 60 to 80 percent of medical device companies will adopt artifact-centric processes by 2015. The 2013 Medical Device Development report is available now, and can be downloaded at www.seapine.com/MedDevReport2013. About Seapine With more than 8,500 customers worldwide, Seapine Software, Inc. is a leading provider of process-centric product development solutions.

October 17 2013


Halcyon Software Upgrades Systems Operations Suite For Ibm I

Software uses cyborg swarm to map unknown environs

Other new features include Custom Task Monitor, an optional plug in module that provides an easy way to schedule simple or complex IT tasks such as calling a program or API to provide regular checking processes necessary for efficient operations. It also enables users to receive notifications or configure automatic, corrective actions if processes fail to run as scheduled. Existing users can upgrade to the latest version of System Operations Suite free of charge.

Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Real Estate Industry

One characteristic of biobots is that their movement can be somewhat random, Lobaton http://finance.yahoo.com/news/guidance-software-opens-call-speakers-120500944.html says. Were exploiting that random movement to work in our favor. Heres how the process would work in the field. A swarm of biobots, such as remotely controlled cockroaches, would be equipped with electronic sensors and released into a collapsed building or other hard-to-reach area. The biobots would initially be allowed to move about randomly. Because the biobots couldnt be tracked by GPS, their precise locations would be unknown. However, the sensors would signal researchers via radio waves whenever biobots got close to each other. Once the swarm has had a chance to spread out, the researchers would send a signal commanding the biobots to keep moving until they find a wall or other unbroken surface and then continue moving along the wall. This is called wall following. The researchers repeat this cycle of random movement and wall following several times, continually collecting data from the sensors whenever the biobots are near each other.

Sonata Software Ltd. Launches ANZ Region Operations With HQ at Sydney

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer? The Australian IT services market is estimated to be at more than USD 20 Billion, and growing at a CAGR of around 5%+, making it an attractive new destination for Sonata Software. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130610/618887 ) Srikar Reddy, MD & CEO, Sonata Software, said on the occasion, "Sonata is happy to open its office in Sydney, Australia. This will not only lead to better opportunities from the region which is seeing a steady growth, but also, will bring Sonata closer to its clients present in Australia.

in the U.S. and/or certain other countries. EFI and Fiery Driven are trademarks of Electronics For Imaging, Inc.

EFI Acquires Metrix Software

Gassner, a former executive with PeopleSoft (now part of Oracle Corp.) and thenSalesforce.com, which took the then-novel idea of licensing business software over the Web and turned it into a multi-billion-dollar business. The companys first name was Verticals OnDemandthe name was changed in 2009and Mr. Gassner uses the term industry cloud to describe the industry-specific cloud applications that he believes companies are going to start using in place of their aging client-server software. Happy customers tell others, and in the cloud market, Mr. Gassner said, the leader often gets to 50% or more global market share in 10 years. One potential inhibitor to Veevas growth is an agreement with Salesforce.com that expires in September 2015. Veevas CRM software runs on Salesforces platform, which makes Veeva dependent on Salesforce for that part of its product line. The agreement also requires Veeva to sell its CRM software only to drug makers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, (not) the medical devices industry or products my sources for non-drug departments of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, according to a company regulatory his comment is here filing . Use of the Salesforce Platform to sell to additional industries would require the consent of Salesforce.com, the filing says. However, Veeva has developed two other product linessome of them used by medical device customers that do not rely on Salesforce, and it continues to identify new markets.

Veeva Systems Soars in IPO In Win For Biotech Cloud Software

This year's Software 500 index positioned ANSYS at 100th place -- up from 107 the previous year -- in recognition of 2012 software and services GAAP revenue of $798.02 million. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130430/NE03388LOGO) The Software 500 is a revenue-based ranking of the world's largest software and services suppliers, targeting medium to large enterprises, their IT professionals, software developers and business managers involved in software and services purchasing. This ranking is based on total worldwide software and services revenue for 2012, including revenue from software licenses, maintenance and support, training and software-related services and consulting.

ANSYS Breaks into Top Hundred on Software 500 List

Customers can access an online task and issue management system to log requests for enhancements (RFEs) or report any defects encountered during the testing or production stages. Anahata seeks to be the most customers centric of all software companies in Melbourne . Anahatas preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan and reduces upfront and ongoing licensing fees. Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Perth software company is a also certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud). Anahata partners with a number of companies to deliver integrated turn key solutions including hosting, infrastructure, barcode printing, mobility and RFID scanning amongst other technologies.

October 15 2013


Fast Growing Io.com Software-defined Datacenter Player Going Public This Year


BizNet Software Wins K2 Enterprises' Quality Award for Business Reporting Solution

Image Caption The company builds data centers, packed with servers as well as storage and networking equipment, which are roughly the size of an 18-wheel truck. Customers can deploy them closer to their offices than the football field-sized data centers they typically rent space in now. IO Data Centers also develops software to run these modular data centers more efficiently, at a time when the electricity requirements for running large-scale computing infrastructure are on the rise.

Xero Zeros In On Another $150M To Do Battle With Intuit In The World Of Online SMB Accounting Software

xero apps The software is designed to meet the standards defined by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) for credentialing, quality assurance, and training. "The first version of SonixHub was revolutionary in its design, structure, function, and integration with the ultrasound machine," said Vivek Tayal, MD, emergency ultrasound leader. "SonixHub's ability to provide administrative guidance anywhere in the world with an Internet connection was a game changer.

Analogic Ultrasound Announces Next Generation SonixHub Software at ACEP 2013

He said it's inferior software the oil companies had given that was causing headache for both the distributors and customers. "Consumers believe the delay in getting cylinders and subsidy is caused by distributors. We have been provided with ill-equipped software, always slow or down. We have been repeatedly requesting two oil companies-Bharat Petroleum and Indane-to upgrade their software http://www.new-venturist.com so that all issues could be sorted out," he said. Kumar said even the date in the software does not change when you sign in every day. "We cannot enter the booking details if the date is not updated.

LPG agencies blame software for delay in supply

Before TechCrunch, Ingrid worked at paidContent.org, where she was a staff writer, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect. When it comes to... Learn More Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Shanghai Kingstar Winning Software Co Ltd (300253.SZ)

We are proud to be recognized by K2 for our innovative Excel-based reporting solution." "This was a very interesting year for our awards. Three of the categories were http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/300002.SZ/key-developments/article/2847541 unanimous. I don't think I have ever seen that before." K2 has been providing the K2 Quality Awards now for twelve years. "My sincere congratulations to all winners! We certainly enjoy doing these awards and we wish everyone could win," said Randy Johnston, Executive V.P. "Anyone who can sway over our team members really deserves the recognition," added Brian Tankersley, Director of Strategic Relationships. About BizNet Software BizNet Software(R), Inc.

Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests. NYSE and AMEX quotes delayed by at least 20 minutes. Nasdaq delayed by at least 15 minutes. For a complete list of exchanges and delays, please click here .

GE?s Radical Software Helps Jet Engines Fix Themselves

Something that may appeal to motorists: a new Driving Mode will automatically silence incoming calls and texts so that you can focus on the road. You also can configure the feature to automatically send out a reply to say that you're driving. It can be activated automatically when the phone is linked wirelessly with a Bluetooth device in the car, such as a headset. Apple has a Do Not Disturb feature for iPhones, but that needs to be turned on manually. What the Driving Mode won't do, however, is block outgoing calls or texts.

Microsoft's phone software to feature driving mode

Since 2011, the companys Software Center, located in San Ramon, California, has grown from four people to some 700 and counting. In that time, Petroffs team there has built the foundation for Predix, a flexible software platform intended to dramatically streamline the monitoring and maintenance for all the industrial technologies GE provides. Whereas field engineers currently wrestle with idiosyncratic systems and separate interfaces for all the different hardware they servicesometimes armed with little more than a briefcase full of paper manualsPredix and its card-based UI will gradually become the interface for all those machines. But the softwares promise goes beyond cohesiveness and convenience. The real vision is to link all these diverse machines to the cloud, quantifying their performance and benchmarking them against each otherall in the name of eliminating the number one bugaboo of all these industries: unscheduled down time. Imagine an engineer walking up to a wind turbine with tablet in hand, and the turbine telling him that a fuse should be replaced not because its broken but because it will give out in three weeks time.

October 13 2013


Conest® Software Systems Helps Contractors Better Estimate Jobs; Win More Business

Must-Have Software for a New Windows PC

12-15. Our IntelliBid software raises the bar in estimating with unrivaled functionality exclusive to ConEst that puts users ahead of the competition. IntelliBid version 7.1 is the first electrical/data estimating software package that allows users to easily import their custom items and assemblies into the latest ConEst database. This upgrade to the companys flagship product also includes faster overall performance and bid optimization. Successful estimators need easy-to-use, intelligent tools like IntelliBid, Hague said. Our software brings down the cost of doing business by enabling faster, more accurate and consistent bids. Hague learned firsthand from his early days running successful contracting and electrical estimating businesses that the right tools can maximize profits.Thats why he started writing software. Today, he is an industry icon, and his company is one of the leading providers of fully integrated and proven software solutions for takeoff, estimating and project management. IntelliBids database includes more than 125,000 electrical and data cabling items and 50,000 prebuilt installation assembly kits that expand to over 500,000 options. The softwares intelligence can substitute components going beyond simple find-and-replace using the programs built-in National Electrical Code tables to ensure accurate, code compliant, precise material requirements. ConEsts SureCount symbol recognition software increases takeoff speed by allowing estimators to quickly generate easy-to-read job total reports, eliminating the need to count and measure from paper drawings.

Some of these apps have Windows 8 equivalents. You'll find them in the Microsoft Store, which is itself an app on the Windows 8 startup screen. You can run some of these programs like Chrome, Evernote, and TeamViewer without entering the Windows 8 desktop, but for full functionality, get the desktop versions.

How GE is Creating Software and Making Money Faster

The piece from Journal writers Christopher Weaver and Louise Radnofsky says a bottleneck in the registration process in which a number of software programs intersect may be causing a logjam for those trying to sign up online. Shutterstock.com Programs developed by several companies http://www.riemuliiteri.com apparently are colliding at this digital junction, the story says, and creating the snarl that has plagued the site since it opened Oct. 1 to handle applications from those trying to take advantage of President Obamas health-care overhaul. The companies include CGI Group Inc.

http://www.new-venturist.com value="always">

Software bottlenecks blamed for Obamacare signup issues: report

5:59 pm October 10, 2013 nitwit wrote: Funny, it is, that I dont have to subscribe in order to leave a comment. 8:24 am October 10, 2013 nicomp wrote: Funny, it is, that I dont have to subscribe in order to leave a comment. 7:38 pm October 9, 2013 JohnB wrote: Were tossing out the old model and going lean startup, said Bill Ruh, vice president of GEs San Ramon, Calif.-based Global Software Center, which adopted Agile when http://www.new-venturist.com it began operating in 2012. That approach involves GE developing its software with customerscreating a minimally-viable product and pivoting as they work, he said. The more sequential waterfall method, by contrast, allows for less flexibility, say critics, with decreasing room for customer input the further the project progresses.

Software, Design Defects Cripple Health-Care Website

Such a hastily constructed website may not have been able to withstand the online demand last week, they said. Engineers at Web-hosting company Media Temple Inc. found a glut of stray software code that served no purpose they could identify. They also said basic Web-efficiency techniques weren't used, such as saving parts of the website that change infrequently so they can be loaded more quickly.

October 10 2013


Free Software Ties The Internet Of Things Together

HighJump Software, TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group Announces Strategic Partnership with AdvancePro Technologies

Ramirez also set up a presence-sensing feature that uses his cell phone to determine if hes home (it checks whether or not he has connected to his home Wi-Fi network). This can automatically turn on the lights if hes there. Ramirez runs the whole setup from a small computer in his home. The software behind all this interconnection comes from a company called OpenRemote , which is plugging away on an open-source software platform for linking Internet-connected gadgets, making it easier to control all kinds of smart home devices, regardless of who made them.

Software AG Announces the First Public Cloud Offering for IT Portfolio Management - Portfolios Live

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) CA Technologies Inc., the software company formerly known as Computer Associates, is not exactly a household word in Silicon Valley. The company, based on Long Island, in Islandia, N.Y., is mostly known for developing software that runs on IBM Corp.s mainframe computers. It is also known as the company with a former CEO Sanjay Kumar in federal prison, still serving a 12-year sentence for securities fraud, obstruction of justice and perjury in a big accounting scandal that took place in 1999-2000. CA /quotes/zigman/99641/quotes/nls/ca CA -0.42% moved beyond that scandal through the leadership of John Swainson, and then Bill McCracken, both former IBM /quotes/zigman/230066/quotes/nls/ibm IBM +1.45% executives.

Essential free software you can't afford to miss

Its power lies in the inherent social nature of the creative process. When developers are able to access, use and build upon what their colleagues are creating, innovation can really take hold. A few standout examples include Thomson Reuters, Philips and Qualcomm. Social Creativity and the Rise of the Super Community A colleague of mine, Andrew Aitken, Founder of Olliance, the Black Duck Consulting Group, identified a recent trend he identified as super communities . Aitken points out, essentially, these super communities are vertical industry-driven open-source communities. The core driver for these groups is the recognition by certain industries that a substantial portion of the software they develop is non-differentiated software that absorbs a significant amount of resources that could otherwise be used to innovate, differentiate and compete. Financial services companies, health care organizations, and automobile manufacturers have joined together with their industry competitors to create communities within which they can all innovate. The power of social creativity is leveraged to pave the way for unique innovation, as opposed to basic, non-differentiated needs. how you can help Now imagine an organizations membership in a super community, while it simultaneously adopts the social creativity methods of open-source communities internally call this a social creativity multiplier. Social Creativity and Developer Tools The incredible popularity of GitHub is yet another example of the social nature of creativity in the world of software. In a recent study conducted by VentureBeat, GitHub topped the list of preferred developer tools.

Social Creativity: The Engine of Software Development in the Social Era

In efficiency-conscious businesses, integrating EDI with inventory management can cut costs and provide an edge over competitors. AdvancePros market-leading inventory management systems help streamline warehouse environments by automating shipping and receiving tasks. AdvancePro offers key SMB features like seamless integration with QuickBooks Enterprise; support for multiple warehouse locations, item transfers and easy drop shipment processing; along with an integrated e-Commerce interface for unified item maintenance and management. With this strategic partnership, AdvancePro customers now have everything they need to fully implement EDI from one source. In warehouse environments, efficiency is paramount when handling both goods and documents, said Israel Ellis, CEO, AdvancePro Technologies. The integrated combination of AdvancePro for inventory management and TrueCommerce for EDI means you can use one piece of software to link QuickBooks, EDI and your entire fulfillment process. The HighJump TrueCommerce EDI and AdvancePro integrated solution lets warehousing operations efficiently track orders from invoice to shipment, and from shipment to proof of delivery and invoicingensuring that key order fulfillment information is shared with trading partners correctly and responsively using EDI. About HighJump Software, Inc. HighJump Software is a global retail digital signage provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 4,600 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software .

OpenRemote Identifying the cost and strategic business support of your IT assets is a fundamental first step on the road to the Digital Enterprise, said Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost. Having this service available in the cloud enables organizations to start well informed IT planning at a project level and scale up on demand. Enterprises must increasingly address new business opportunities through information technology against a background of flat IT budgets. Therefore a closer assessment of the costs of maintaining IT systems can free budget for new, innovative solutions. But freeing budget without impacting the operational business requires transparency. Research1 by IDG, among financial IT investment decision makers, shows that almost 60 percent of financial decision makers cannot oversee the impact of IT budget cuts on business performance and risk exposure. Boston based Nucleus Research2, which specialize in ROI studies, found that most organizations are struggling to have reliable data at hand when it comes to their digital assets. The study shows that enterprise IT decision makers have to rely on information that is, on average, 14 months old and is only 55 percent accurate.

Software, Design Defects Cripple Health-Care Website

The identity-checking foul-ups are also triggering problems for state-run exchanges, which rely on the federal system. The problem caused delays last week for users of MNsure, Minnesota's exchange, as they waited for federal confirmation to create their accounts, said April Todd-Malmlov, MNsure's executive director. She said the issue in her state was largely resolved by Friday. Administration officials, who reported nearly nine million unique visitors to the federally run exchange as of Friday night, said the system underwent maintenance over the weekend. The federal government is running all or part of the online marketplace for 36 states, while 14 states and the District of Columbia have their own systems. Those state-run systems have seen mixed performance. Such states as Connecticut and Kentucky have successfully enrolled customers, while Maryland had to take down its marketplace periodically last week to fix glitches. About 30 million uninsured people live in the states the federal marketplace will serve, including Texas and Florida. So far, Web-traffic problems are allowing only a small trickle of buyers, said John Gorman, chief executive of Gorman Health Group, an insurance-industry consulting firm with clients selling policies on the exchanges.

New York software firm beefs up ? out West

Choose only one, though, because its usually not a good http://www.new-venturist.com idea to install two AV programs on the same PC (theyll suck up system resources and might conflict with each other). Passwords are a hassle to remember, so many people memorize just one and use it for everything. Thats a huge security risk! LastPass will log you in to all your password-walled sites with a single click, and it will store your information locally to keep it out of the hands of anyone but you. You can use LastPass on your smartphone or tablet, too (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and other mobile operating systems), but youll need to purchase the retail version to get that feature.

October 07 2013


Tech Companies Help Others, Themselves With Donations Of Software

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Market - Global Advancements, Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013 - 2018)

By Mohana Ravindranath , E-mail http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-ach-deposit-software-customers-ga-get-bill-me-/2013/10/06/7460529.htm the writer Last month, global engineering firm Siemens made one of its largest donations, valued at $750 million, to the University of Maryland. It wasnt a financial contribution. Instead, it was a license for its engineering software.

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Jive Software Director Sells $124,100 in Stock (JIVE)

The shares were sold at an average price of $12.41, for a total transaction of $124,100.00. The transaction was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, which can be visit their website accessed through this link . Jive Software ( NASDAQ:JIVE ) traded up 0.48% on Friday, hitting $12.45. 320,577 shares of the companys stock traded hands. Jive Software has a 52 week low of $10.63 and a 52 week high of $18.48. The stock http://www.mydeceptionpass.com has a 50-day moving average of $12.63 and a 200-day moving average of $14.95. The companys market cap is $856.1 million.

October 05 2013


Ex-amazon Engineer Builds Library For World?s Software Code

Experts Suggest Software Problems, Not Just Demand, May Be Behind Marketplace Glitches

http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-macon-bibb-software-choice-gets-messier-macon-telegraph-/2013/10/04/7459303.htm All the code in questions sits on the service itself, and it spans several programming platforms, including PHP, JavaScript and Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. This isnt code for full-fledged software applications. Its smaller chunks of code that do specific things. Theres a snippet of code, for example, that can fetch a list of the latest videos from the TED website and embeds those videos in a webpage.

Ultimate Software to Unveil New Candidate-Focused Recruiting Solution at 2013 HR Technology Conference

Experts are working around the clock and were able to expand system capacity somewhat overnight, cutting by one-third the volume of people waiting to apply, said a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services. Work on the site continues today. But others suggested that design flaws seem to be at least partly to blame for the headaches. Difficulty setting up security questions and other problems encountered by users are technical issues, not volume, Schuyler said. What it comes down to is there wasnt enough time to thoroughly test the systems. This is not a glitch. A glitch is a minor problem, said Robert Laszewski, a consultant and former insurance executive. The real story is that the Obamacare computer systems simply are not working. Patsy Burkins, executive director of the Charlotte Community Services Association, which is helping to enroll consumers, said shes been trying unsuccessfully for three days to get onto the federal exchange to look at prices in the Carolinas. Because she has failed to get on the site even as early as 5 a.m, she doesnt believe the problem is due to traffic. More than a dozen states constructed their own portals for the policies sold to individuals, families and small businesses.

MAM Software to Demonstrate Latest VAST Release at Meineke International Franchisee Convention

Pricing is still to come, and whether the Verizon cloud services will be within the range of Amazon Web Services remains an important piece of the puzzle. 3. Facebook and Cisco held an interesting joint announcement. Businesses will be able to offer customers WiFi service supported by Cisco that users will be able to access using their Facebook logins. In return for easy WiFi logons, businesses, such as online stores, will gain useful customer analytical data. Facebook users will be able to control the amount of information provided to the business via their privacy settings. The offering brings the Cisco mobile communications capability to a higher business level at the customer company as well as tying the Cisco brand to the popular social network.

"Final decisions have not been made by anyone, even though they make some allegations," he said. Savage and Walker communicated with Judd Drake, interim city attorney, who sent a response Oct. 1 to Travis Knudsen, South Region manager for Spillman. Drake said in his letter that he looked over the review process, and found Spillman and New World scored equally well. Price and compatibility with existing equipment appeared to be the deciding factors for the review committee. He emphasized that no final decision has been made about buying public safety software, and that Walker deliberately remained uninvolved in the decision-making.

Cloud, Mobile, Software-Defined Networking Trends Prominent at Interop

@yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Related Content Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the "Enter symbol/company" at the bottom of this module. You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes. Search for share prices Terms Quotes are real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSEAmex when available. See also delay times for other exchanges . Quotes and other information supplied by independent providers identified on the Yahoo! Finance partner page .

Macon-Bibb software choice gets messier [The Macon Telegraph]

Image Caption Markets closed Ultimate Software to Unveil New Candidate-Focused Recruiting Solution at 2013 HR Technology Conference Press Release: Ultimate Software 13 hours ago +1.77 WESTON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ultimate Software ( ULTI ), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, today announced plans to unveil its latest recruiting solution at the 2013 HR Technology Conference, which will be held October 7-9 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. WHAT: Delivering a compelling candidate experience, Ultimate Software has designed a completely new recruiting solution that transforms talent acquisition to a dynamic and personal experience that engages potential and existing employees. As attracting talent becomes increasingly competitive, companies have shifted to treating candidates like potential customers and are paying closer attention to the recruiting experience. The new UltiPro Recruiting solution will be available as part of UltiPros unified HCM suite in early 2014. Cecile Alper-Leroux, vice president of product strategy and product management at Ultimate Software, will unveil the new UltiPro Recruiting solution with a private sneak preview on October 7 in Las Vegas. To participate in the sneak preview, please register at www.ultimatesoftware.com/UltiProRecruiting or visit Ultimate Software at Booth #1324 during the HR Technology Conference to find the location of the preview.

Intel to buy security software startup for $20M

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET) Intel has agreed to buy a security software startup for $20 million, boosting its capabilities outside of its core processor business. The Santa Clara, Calif., chip giant has reached a deal to acquire Sensory Networks, spokesmen from the two companies confirmed to CNET on Tuesday. Both declined to provide deal terms, but Intel said revenue contributions from the acquisition are not material to the company. The Sydney Morning Herald , which earlier reported the news, said Intel will pay about $20 million for the startup. Sensory Networks, founded in 2003, creates "pattern matching and acceleration software," which is used in firewalls and to detect spam and viruses. Related stories: Intel's 'Quark' lineup targets wearables "We're very pleased with the deal and to us it culminates almost [five] years of very hard work that started with the restructure of Sensory Networks in 2009 under Sab Gosal (our CEO), myself (as CTO) and with a very small team of employees ([three] engineers in the Sydney office)," Sensory Networks Chief Technology Officer Geoff Langdale told CNET via e-mail. "We've shown that a tiny team can yield world-class results and sell technology to Tier 1 network http://www.yoemprendomexico.com providers." Sensory Networks isn't Intel's first software acquisition, and http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ultimate-software-unveil-candidate-focused-153000501.html it's nowhere near its largest. The company in 2009 paid $884 million for Wind River Systems, a software firm that helps run cellphones and other embedded systems. And it reached a $7.68 billion deal for security software maker McAfee three years ago.

October 04 2013


Field Service Software Development Firm Msi Data Partners With Uw-milwaukee And Msoe For Dedicated Software Engineering Internship Positions

Ex-Amazon Engineer Builds Library for World?s Software Code

Students selected for the initial term of the internship program will begin their work this fall. Those students who complete their degree program and internship requirements may be considered by MSI Data for employment in software development for open positions that are available following their graduation. Software Engineering students that would like more information can learn more at http://www.msidata.com/developers , or may visit the MSI Data booth at each universitys October Career Fair. About MSI Data MSI Data develops enterprise, scheduling and mobile software that helps companies improve the productivity of their field workforce. World class service organizations such as Time Warner, Bradley Corporation, Tax-Air and Heartland Computers rely on MSI Datas powerful suite of field workforce software to automate field service, inspections, site surveys, audits, reporting and other critical field-driven business processes.

Dell Software Speeds Backup and Recovery with Tighter Integration Between NetVault and DR4100 Appliance

Inspired by his time at Amazon, Kumar created a service called Runnable , a means of finding and using all the software building blocks that are freely available across the web. Its early days for the service, which is still in the beta testing stage, but the aim is provide a way of not only searching for tools, but actually testing them. Sites such as Ohloh and Programmable Web let you search, but they dont let you actually experiment with software. You can also find open source code through sites like GithHub and BitBucket, but these services are more about hosting code and encouraging collaboration among developers. Runnable is a service specifically designed to get your hands on the stuff you need. In order to test code for you, Runnable must also host it. All the code in questions sits on the service itself, and it spans several programming platforms, including PHP, JavaScript and Node.js, http://www.new-venturist.com and Ruby on Rails.

AT&T?s HTC One mini Receives Software Update 1.32.502.3

The new release is available for download for the HTC One mini as a 269 MB file, and can only be downloaded when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Before kicking off the installation process, users should back up all data on their devices, so as to make sure that no important files are lost. Although there should be no impacts to settings or data, we recommend that you back up your media files to a PC prior to upgrading the software, AT&T notes. As soon as the update is available for their devices, owners of HTCOne mini will receive a notification on it, and will be able to either allow the device to receive it, or to download it manually at a later date. Users can go to Settings > AT&T software update > Check for updates in order to download the update manually. As soon as the software has been downloaded, the handset will prompt users to install it. When prompted, you can postpone the update up to 3 times, and 4 hours per occurrence. After the update this has been postponed for the maximum allowable time, your device will automatically download and install the update, AT&T notes. Still based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the new firmware arrives on devices with Sense 5.0 on top, and with kernel version 3.4.10-g517e47c.

Brocade, EMC Join for Software-Defined Storage Package

Brocade's storage-area networking management IT is now tuned and available for more than 50,000 joint EMC/Brocade customers to immediately take advantage of the virtualization benefits of EMC's new ViPR Software-Defined Storage Platform for highly virtualized cloud environments. As of Oct. 1, Brocade Network Advisor SAN management software has been integrated with the EMC ViPR platform to create a new-gen storage architecture that enables policy-based automation for managing and provisioning both EMC and non-EMC storage infrastructure using the industry-standard Storage Management Initiative (SMI) interface. This integration will help reduce data center costs and complexity for both current and future application deployments by taking advantage of Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN solutions enhanced with its own Fabric Vision IT. Brocade Network Advisor is resold by EMC as ConnectrixManager Converged Network Edition. As a result, EMC SAN customers can now utilize the EMC ViPR platform to use existing storage infrastructures for traditional data center workloads, as well as provision new EMC ViPR Object Data Service and EMC ViPR HDFS Service through access to Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift for next-generation workloads. This list of capabilities can be run with EMC enterprise storage, including the VMAX, VPLEX, VNX, Atmos and Isilon product lines, as well as on commodity storage. EMC ViPR is the world's first software-defined storage platform that is designed to manage both storage infrastructure (called the control plane) and the data stored within that infrastructure (called the data plane). It masks the complexity behind configuring and managing storage infrastructure, providing single point-and-click management for complex, heterogeneous storage functions.

Deduplication improves the economics of disk-based backup and recovery approaches by reducing http://www.riemuliiteri.com data resulting in significantly lower disk requirements and cost, and providing more efficient and faster replication of backup data to off-site locations. News Facts: NetVault Backup now leverages the DR4100 Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology, providing a deeper level of integration and automation. NetVault retains end-to-end control of all backup tasks, while delegating control of storage management to the DR4100 appliance. This unique and powerful combination delivers a host of critical customer benefits, including: Faster backups. Tighter integration between NetVault and the DR4100 via RDA results in significantly faster backup rates. ESG Lab testing with multiple simultaneous streams validated a 7.5TB per hour ingest rate using this solution2. Source-side deduplication.

Intel to buy security software startup for $20M

Expanding beyond its core PC chip business is key for Intel's future growth. Computer sales have slowed in favor of tablets and smartphones, and Intel has struggled to gain inroads in the mobile market. Software is one area where Intel has built its portfolio.

October 02 2013


Software Ag's Innovation World: What Do Airlines, Dairy Farms, Banks, Telecoms And Healthcare Companies Have In Common?


Perceptive Software's Content and Process Solutions Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

This reflects how IT strategy is now a critical component in driving new business models to address rapidly changing markets and customer expectations. Software AG will also announce new solutions that will help customers leverage their current assets to run an adaptive IT architecture and provide new ways to create differentiating products and services for their customers. At Innovation World, which sees a 20 percent increase in attendance in 2013, Software AG and customers will discuss today's market trends of big fast data, cloud, social and mobile capabilities and the need to digitize every aspect of their operations.

Lucid Software brings the power of desktop publishing to the Web with Lucidpress, now http://www.riemuliiteri.com in beta

Image Management Hero 730x447 Lucid Software brings the power of desktop publishing to the Web with Lucidpress, now in beta With Lucidpress, you can collaborate in real-time with your colleagues just like you could on Google Docs. The interface is simple enough to use thanks to drag-and-drop functionality. Lucidpress also works on mobile devices as well and users can view their publications through the browser. Company CEO Karl Sun said in a statement: Where desktop software lags behind the new realities of an evolved market, we see a clear future with web-based applications. With Lucidpress, our goal is to make it easy for anyone to create stunning content like a design pro with all the added functionality made possible in the cloud.

It also extracts content that was once locked into reference-only document images and uses it to initiate transactions into and out of Oracle Sales Cloud. For Sales and Marketing, Perceptive Software solutions centralize the management of content developed during and related to lead and opportunity pursuits and apply version control to documentation including sales agreements, orders and master service agreements. For Customer Service, Perceptive Software solutions track all communications, including paper, fax and electronic documentation, for a unified view of each customer or vendor. For Case Management, Perceptive Software solutions help to serve internal customers by speeding resolution of help desk tickets and content-sensitive HR processes through providing instant access to all related documents. Products available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace include channel management, lead generation, data quality, reporting and productivity tools, in addition to more robust solutions such as quoting, contract management, forecasting, sale incentives and compensation management. Supporting Quote "Perceptive Software bridges information gaps to give customers better visibility and control, making unstructured content immediately available and actionable to users within Oracle Sales Cloud," said Scott Coons, president and CEO of Perceptive Software. "Perceptive Software's participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our reach into the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of Perceptive Software solutions." Supporting Resources Perceptive Software on Twitter Perceptive Software on Facebook Perceptive Software on LinkedIn Perceptive Software on YouTube Trademarks Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

'Lego' Model for Exchange Software

The integration is reflective of Dell Softwares ongoing effort to deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions that address todays most salient customer challenges, including the need to transform data centers to deliver increased efficiency and scalability, and the need to protect critical data and information across the enterprise. Seamless integration between NetVault Backup and the DR4100 enables customers to minimize network traffic, shrink backup windows, and maximize storage savings while protecting critical data across a wide range of operating systems and applications running in complex physical and virtual environments. The integration comes at a key time for customers grappling with the explosion of data across the enterprise. According to Gartner1 analyst Dave Russell, The value of data reduction technologies, such as deduplication cannot be overstated. Deduplication improves the economics of disk-based backup and recovery approaches by reducing data resulting in significantly lower disk requirements and cost, and providing more efficient and faster replication of backup data to off-site locations. News Facts: NetVault Backup now leverages the DR4100 Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology, providing a deeper level of integration and automation. NetVault retains end-to-end control of all backup tasks, while delegating control of storage management to the DR4100 appliance. This unique and powerful combination delivers a host of critical customer benefits, including: Faster backups. Tighter integration between NetVault and the DR4100 via RDA results in significantly faster backup rates.

Dell Software Speeds Backup and Recovery with Tighter Integration Between NetVault and DR4100 Appliance



Global POS Software Market 2012-2016

- What are key market trends? - What is driving this market? - What are the challenges to market growth? - Who are the key vendors in this market space? - What are the market opportunities and threats faced by key vendors? - What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these key vendors?


Eweekchat Oct. 9: Software-defined Data Centers: Wave Of The Future

MindLink Software Announces MindLink for Mac and Linux

The IT consists of a series of interrelated projects delivering various components for a cloud infrastructure solution. OpenStack, founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA, has grown intoa global software community of developers collaborating on a standard and massively scalable open-source cloud operating system. Its mission is to enable any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standard hardware. Where is read this all going, and how does it impact conventional IT?

Now that Sempla is part of the GFT Group a European leader in the design and implementation of IT solutions for the financial services industry it is ideally poised to leverage the full strength of a broader organization, and thus serve the insurance market more effectively. Our experience collaborating with customers and adapting to the needs of the market makes us an ideal partner to support insurers implementing Guidewire systems in the Italian insurance market, states Umberto Zanchi, director of insurance at Sempla. By combining Guidewires technology leadership with our consultancy expertise, we expect to deliver superior innovation and enhance the implementation success of our mutual customers. We look forward to leveraging our in-depth business know-how, technical support and service expertise as we join forces with Guidewire on core system replacement projects. Sempla has nearly three decades of experience in system integration and information technology, so it was a natural addition to our PartnerConnect program, says Chris Elsmore, vice president of Global Alliances and Business Development at Guidewire Software. Were excited to welcome them as a PartnerConnect Affiliate member, and we look forward to building on the work we have started together to strengthen our service capabilities and provide new options for our Italian customers. About Guidewire PartnerConnectTM Guidewire PartnerConnect members provide a wide range of services to the general insurance community including business transformation consulting, strategy and IT related services. To date, Guidewire practices include over 3,700 consultants worldwide, more than 2,400 of whom are functional and technical consultants trained on Guidewire products. Guidewire PartnerConnectTM is comprised of Strategic and Affiliate level members. Affiliate level members are partners in the process of building depth in Guidewire sales and implementation practice, while gaining overall experience with Guidewire products.

Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Tourism Industry

(INIV) announces the engagement of Kingery & Crouse, P.A. as its auditors. Kingery & Crouse is an experienced, full service Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). The Company is a registered public accounting firm that serves clients across the United States as well as internationally. Kingery & Crouse is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Peter Peterson, Chief Executive Officer of Innovative, said, "I am delighted to be working with Kingery & Crouse and I look forward to bringing the Company into compliance with the reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission." About Innovative Software Technologies Innovative Software Technologies, Inc.'s (www.inivcompanies.com) mission is to find and bring to market cutting edge technologies that are synergistic with the company's current technologies and that are market ready. Innovative, through its Opt-in SMART offering (www.optinsmart.com), is a fully integrated Social Marketing And Retention Technology platform that gives businesses an easy to use, affordable, and centralized marketing solution, helping small to medium-sized businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers via the Internet.

Guidewire Software Announces Addition of Sempla to its PartnerConnect Program

Providing IM, Presence and unique Persistent Chat, MindLink is designed to help people work together faster and smarter, so that they can make critical business decisions more effectively. The MindLink Software management team has more than http://www.yoemprendomexico.com 30 years of combined experience working with many medium to large sized businesses, facilitating better collaboration for both internal and external users. MindLink Software Ltd is a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner and RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Partner. Its software is fully compatible with Microsoft Lync 2010, Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync 2013. BlackBerry, RIM, Research In Motion and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited (RIM).

Innovative Software Technologies Announces Engagement of Auditors

These days, internet is becoming the main platform of transactions because many people use the internet to get more information and even to pay for various services. The many threats justify the need of innovative ICT solution. This is the reason why Anahata has gone that extra mile to offer businesses all that they need to deal with these challenges. For very long time, businesses and other key players of the tourism sector couldnt easily find ICT solution custom made to address the particular needs, requirement and challenges of the industry. Being one of the leading contributors to the growth of the Australian economy, the tourism industry must be supported so as to ensure that it grows stronger. This is the reason why Anahata is a fully certified Oracle Partner and delivers customized software solutions mainly based on the Oracle Technology e.g. Oracle Database, MySQL, Java Enterprise edition or http://www.yoemprendomexico.com Java. The ICT solutions firm is also a fully certified MYOB deliver partner and provides custom software solutions which integrate smoothly with clouds MYOB AccountRight Live and MYOB.

October 01 2013


'lego' Model For Exchange Software

external link ADS


digital signage media player

Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

When they do computing, they do it for the people. They have a duty to maintain full control over that computing on the peoples behalf. Therefore, they must use only free software and reject SaaSS. The countrys computational sovereignty also requires this.

Dell Software Speeds Backup and Recovery with Tighter Integration Between NetVault and DR4100 Appliance

ESG Lab testing with multiple simultaneous streams validated a 7.5TB per hour ingest rate using this solution2. Source-side deduplication. By way of the DR4100 advanced deduplication and compression technology, NetVault customers can now deduplicate data directly at the source of the backup. This source-side approach minimizes backup traffic over the network, while test results show the use of deduplication can reduce the overall storage footprint by up to 91 percent2. Optimized replication for efficient disaster http://www.mydeceptionpass.com recovery. Customers can now schedule and manage replication of deduplicated data from one DR4100 appliance to another, directly from the NetVault Backup console, enabling a variety of disaster recovery and remote-office backup scenarios.


About Free Software

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Free software (FS) should not be confused with freeware. The GNU Project identifies four specific freedoms , but really there http://www.yoemprendomexico.com are three. You have the right to: Run the program any way you see fit View and modify the source code Make copies and share the code with others Freeware is software that you can obtain and use free of charge, but you dont have access to its source code. The difference between the two distribution models is often expressed as free software is free as in speech, freeware is free as in beer. Although, as it turns out, if it is free as in speech, it will probably be free as in beer. Perhaps the best way to understand what free software is, is to think of it as being free as in freedom. A Brief History Prior to the late 1970s the overwhelming majority of software programs were free in the sense of freedom. At that time software companies began a deliberate campaign to force developers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and agree not to share the source code of the programs they were developing. Although this didnt sit well with many of them, they were eventually convinced, by the financial benefits, to go along. One committed hacker, Richard Stallman, balked and started his own campaign to re-free software. Stallman used the burgeoning internet community to advance his idea and created the GNU Project as a vehicle to accomplish his goal. Because of the way software copyright laws work, Stallman needed to copyright all of his code or risk losing it to the public http://www.yoemprendomexico.com domain.

Why software failure could cost the Tories the election

One activist I spoke to in Florida pointed out the advantages it gave them. "It's incredibly easy to use. The main thing it gave us was an ability to divide up our volunteers and potential voters in groups. So, with one click of a button I could find all my Cubans, and share their stories with other Cubans. With another, all my senior citizens, small businesses, mothers and so on. I could find key people who were championing us online but weren't formally registered and bring them onside." Speaking to Jim Gilliam , the man who came up with Nationbuilder, I was surprised to learn it wasn't tested and developed for the Obama campaign. The software's first live test was in the UK, where the SNP were guinea pigs for the untested alpha version during their historic 2011 election victory. It obviously worked like a charm while the software was only one factor in the SNP's triumph, it tripled the number of volunteers involved and took the SNP's message to places where traditional campaigning was difficult or impossible. It doesn't stop the grind of an election campaign the door knocks, the rallies, the speeches but what it does is link online and offline, making sure online campaigning leads to targeted offline follow-up.

Software Defined Networking: HP has an App Store for that

"Applications are what will drive SDN technology into mainstream networking prominence," said Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure, IDC. "The catch 22 is that to innovate through applications requires a large investment in infrastructure to develop, which becomes prohibitive. The advent of an SDN App Store, together with an SDN Developer Kit, makes this an accessible alternative for developers." Details on the SDK are scant, but it will be a Java-based solution, and is set to arrive in developers hands in early November . HP partners already registered for the SDN developer kit include Citrix, Intel, Microsoft, PwC, Riverbed, RMIT University, ShoreTel, SAP, Tech Mahindra, VMware, and Websense.

September 30 2013


About Free Software

Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Stallman used the burgeoning internet community to advance his idea and created the GNU Project as a vehicle to accomplish his goal. Because of the way software copyright laws work, Stallman needed to copyright all of his code or risk losing it to the public domain. This created a paradox.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 You can easily understand cloud computing from the history of personal computer software over the past decade. Ten years ago, a consumer purchasing a news new computer would be extremely conscious of the machines processing power as well as the size of its random access memory (RAM) and its hard drive . This is because so much of what the consumer might wish to do would take place on the machine and by the machine itself. Any software would be installed onto the computer and accessed by the computers central processing unit (CPU) and operating system (OS). The amount of RAM available would determine how fast a program might run, and the total memory on the hard drive would determine what programs one could use. Today, a corporation, small business, or individual no longer has to make nearly as many decisions when purchasing hardware; in many cases, there are no hardware decisions to make. Everything and the Kitchen Sink (Source: Web 2.0 Journal) As the long-tenured venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners summarizes in its Top Ten Laws of Cloud Computing , theheadaches that once plagued software providers and users have been relieved.

Antivirus software often fails to thwart hackers

Skype is a clear example: when one personuses the non-free Skype client software, it requires another person touse that software too thus surrendering their freedoms along withyours. (Google Hangouts have the same problem.) We should refuse touse such programs even briefly, even on someone elses computer. Another harm of using non-free programs and SaaSS is that it rewardsthe perpetrator, encouraging further development of that program orservice, leading in turn to even more people falling under the developing companys thumb. The indirect harm is magnified when the user is a public entity or aschool. Public agencies exist for the people not for themselves.

Software License Optimization Maturity Model

SLO Maturity Model Sept13 Multiple extensions- RouteMatch has developed multiple extensible modules to plug and play into the RouteMatch platform, enabling organizations to further enhance their solution. Furthermore, RouteMatch has the foundation for working with other third party data sources, and considers transit agency data to belong to the agency. This non-proprietary approach gives transit agencies greater access and visibility into their data and the opportunity for future enterprise wide system integration.

Software Revolution, Part II: The Shift to Cloud Computing

Level 2 Managed At Level 2 maturity, the organization is keeping track of what software the company has purchased and can begin to compare that to what is installed (Level 1). Level 2 starts to answer the questions What do I own and Am I Compliant. These organizations have manual processes in place to bring in purchasing and contract data so that they can do a license reconciliation for some compelling eventoften this is for a software audit. Understanding what you own sounds simple but has its own set of challenges: Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (M&A&D) - Most organizations have gone through M&A&D making it difficult to understand what is currently under the companys control or what has been transferred to/from other organizations. M&A&D also makes it difficult for your software vendors to track what you own and is the number one trigger of audit activity. Decentralized Procurement - The control of software coming into the organization is often not streamlined through a centralized procurement department or single reseller. If cost centers or end users can purchase software on their own, then maintaining an accurate count of ownership is daunting. License Models - Software license models are getting more complicated. For example, Microsoft SQL Server has multiple editions, multiple license models (processor, core, CAL, etc.), and multiple purchasing programs (EA, Select, Open). Knowing only that you bought SQL Server is not enough information you need to understand how it should be counted. Generally, organizations at level 2 are doing license reconciliation on an ad hoc rather than a continuous basis. Part of the reason for this is that without the right processes and tools in place, it just takes too long to perform the task. For example, it takes a lot of IT time and resources to pull together the necessary data and reports to answer a software license audit. More automation is needed.


RouteMatch Software Launches Complete Intelligent Transportation Systems Platform for Mobility Management

(David Goldman/AP Photo) At a time when millions of computer users face increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, the antivirus software they rely on to keep their information safe frequently fails to do the digital signage solution job. Of 45 pieces of malware that lingered on the New York Times computer systems for a third of a year, just one was spotted by its antivirus software, the newspaper disclosed in January. That same month, security company Kaspersky disclosed a global data-stealing scheme had evaded detection by antivirus products for five years. Such examples are becoming alarmingly common. Recent studies have found much of the malware-fighting software on the market is virtually useless against the growing onslaught of attacks. "Every couple of months you see there's this major virus outbreak that everybody missed," said Jeremiah Grossman of Santa Clara-based WhiteHat Security. "The cards are stacked in the bad guys' favor." With global spending on antivirus products expected to hit $8.4 billion this year, according to research firm Gartner, he added, "people are paying good money to be less secure." Campbell-based ClickAway's stores repair about 60 infected computers a day, and about two-thirds of them have antivirus software on the machines, said executive vice president Oliver Rowen. Jeremy Prader, who sees similar problems at his San Jose computer repair business, The Cheap Squad, added that the crooks "are coming up with something new every day." Indeed, Kaspersky says it encounters about 200,000 new malware varieties daily compared with only about 25 per day in 1994, 700 in 2006 and 7,000 in 2011.


Software Revolution, Part Ii: The Shift To Cloud Computing

Amazon , for example, became so adept at managing its own data centers and infrastructure that it began offering these skills to third party developers, as Amazon Web Services . The same transition to cloud infrastructure is now happening in enterprise software. Tech firms caught on to this trend and began building similar services solely my company for enterprises. As a result, businesses no longer need to hire expensive IT consultants or staff to make complicated decisions about hardware or suites of software products. Instead, they have options.

Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Building Industry

Now, all the businesses in the building industry such as land surveyors, real estate management or consultancy firms, contractors, building contractors, site engineers, electrical engineers, civil and structural, engineers, etc, can acquire ICT solution custom designed to address the unique requirements, needs and challenges of their industry. This cross-platform vendor of software delivers ICT solutions for Mac platform and integrates it with the Mac applications in existence. The firm has wide experience in offering ICT solution for the health sector. In particular, it has wide experience in the development of Patient Record Management Systems than run on Mac platform and integrating them with medical applications. To clients in the building industry, Anahata offers all its customers support period and 3 months warranty in which users have unlimited email or phone consultation. The customers have access to issue and online task management system for logging enhancement requests, or for reporting any defects that may have been encountered during the stages of testing or production. It is devoted to be the leader in terms of offering customer centric ICT solutions. The most preferred choice of Anahata firm is delivery of cross-platform ICT solutions that are mainly based on Open source technology and open source which ensures security, compatibility, and security over long lifespan of application and which reduces ongoing and upfront licensing fees.

Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

McLane previously had 1473 counterfeit discs seized by the Victorian Police in 2005 and lcd digital signage a further 799 in 2006. McLane was caught by Microsoft's intellectual property investigators for selling counterfeit copies of Microsoft Windows and Office during sweeps carried out in 2012 across technology swap meets and markets in the Melbourne area. As part of the investigation, Microsoft analyzed four copies of counterfeit Windows and two copies of counterfeit Office sold by McLane, finding that one Windows copy and both Office samples contained malware; the Windows Update on all four samples was disabled, while Windows Firewall had been tampered with making activation impossible. One sample had User Account Control set to "Never notify" and another sample had Remote Desktop turned on and a modified hosts file, which can be a vector for attack by malware.

Microsoft wins $304,994 in Australian software piracy case

Legal ruling Why does this control matter? Because freedom means having controlover your own life. If you use a program to carry out activities inyour life, your freedom depends on your having control over the program.You deserve to have control over the programs you use, and all the moreso when you use them for something important in your life. Richard Stallman Free/libre software advocate Richard Stallman is president of the Free Software Foundation. He launched the development of the free software operating system GNU in 1984; the GNU/Linux system (essentially GNU with Linux added) is used on tens of millions of computers today. Stallman also founded the League for Programming Freedom, which campaigned against legal threats to programming (including patents). Your control over the program requires four essential freedoms . If any of them ismissing or inadequate, the program is proprietary (or non-free): (0) The freedom to run the program as you wish, for whatever purpose. (1) The freedom to study the programs source code, and change it,so the program does your computing as you wish.

Getting Software Tools to Work Together



September 29 2013


Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

EzACH Software Accommodates Rental Agencies & Landlords to Accept Payments With ACH Debit Transfers

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer? Anyone who knows programming, and has the program in source code form, canread the source code, understand its functioning, and change it too.When all you get is the executable form, a series of numbers that areefficient for the computer to run but extremely hard for a human beingto understand, understanding and changing the program in that form areforbiddingly hard. (2) The freedom to make and distribute exact copies when you wish.(It is not an obligation; doing this is your choice. If the programis free, that doesnt mean someone has an obligation to offer you acopy, or that you have an obligation to offer him a copy.Distributing a program to users without freedom mistreats them;however, choosing not to distribute the program using it privately does not mistreat anyone.) (3) The freedom to make and distribute copies of your modifiedversions, when you wish. The first two freedoms mean each user has individual control over theprogram. With the other two freedoms, any group of users can togetherexercisecollective control over the program. The result isthat the users control the program. If the users dont control the program, the program controls theusers. With proprietary software, there is always some entity, theowner of the program, that controls the program and through it,exercises power over its users.

This enables customer to examine all its features and ensure it meets the needs of their business before purchasing. To unlock ezAch for unlimited use, users simply return to the Halfpricesoft.com web site to purchase a license key for just $199 per installation. Both the software download and license key are available online at halfpricesoft.com. Unique EzACH features: -Customers can send and receive payments with this innovative software Free updates No Subscription, renewal or update fees ezACH deposit can generate NACHA ACH files for electronic fund transfers ezAch Deposit supports multiple bank origination account It supports ARC, CCD, CCD+, POP, PPD, RCK, TEL, WEB SEC type. Easily update ABA Bank routing number database EzACH can save customers time by importing vendors and transactions from files, ezPaycheck payroll software, ezCheckPrinting software and other sources EzACH deposit can support multiple accounts at no extra charge Quick data import feature Form level help buttons have been added to make the software even easier to use No more hassle dealing with the banks.

Ford buys small software startup to bolster 'connected car' offerings

Ive talked to a lot of snow removal contractors and they really dont know what questions to ask when theyre buying snow removal software, explains HindSite founder and president David Crary. In this eBook, I set out to deliver answers to some of the common questions weve been asked since developing our snow removal software solution more than five years ago. To help, the eBook contains an overview of the benefits of snow removal software, a list of nine questions every snow removal professional should ask of potential software vendors and tips to better understand the answers theyll hear. A complete feature list helps snow removal business owners understand and compare features among multiple vendors. The guide also includes a deep dive into the trends every snow removal business owner should know and an overview of pricing models that can be found in http://www.yoemprendomexico.com the marketplace. Our goal at HindSite is to help business owners improve their business, explains Crary. Our software solution may not be the best solution for everyone. With this eBook, we want to help contractors understand their needs and intelligently compare solutions. The Snow Removal Software Buyers guide is available as a free download at http://www.hindsitesoftware.com/snow-removal-software-buyers-guide.cfm . About HindSite Software HindSite Software has helped contractors better manage and grow their business with field service software since 2001. Initially designed as irrigation software, HindSite today assists service businesses with scheduling and billing (e.g.

HindSite Software Releases Snow Removal Software Buyer's Guide

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer? "With the acquisition, Livio now has the ability http://www.mydeceptionpass.com to advocate Ford's contribution of SmartDevice Link as a standard," Paul Mascarenas, Ford's chief technology officer, told reporters. "That, I think, is a big opportunity." The deal comes ahead of an expected boom in cars that can connect with drivers' smartphones. Ford expects sales of such cars to grow to 21 million by 2018, up from 2 million in 2012. Ford will keep the Livio name and the 11-person firm will operate as a wholly owned Ford subsidiary. Livio will report to Ford's electrical and electronics systems engineering division. Livio, founded by now 31-year-old Jake Sigal, will continue to assist its existing customers, which include other automakers, suppliers and third-party software developers. The deal with Livio marks Ford's first acquisition of a technology company in about 13 years, Mascarenas said.

Software AG and Loqate partner to enhance data quality solution

Subscribe to gigaom.com A review of 100 promising private human capital start-ups highlights this trend. Within each of the primary HR categories (talent acquisition; performance and development; benefits and compensation; and http://www.new-venturist.com workforce management) we see new ventures that are redefining how employees can participate in functions that were traditionally in the domain of the core human resources team. Outlined below (and on the accompanying landscape) is an overview of some of the most promising companies in each category, followed by the implications for entrepreneurs who are building this new generation of employee-driven apps. These startups complement larger HR SaaS players, including Workday, Cornerstone OnDemand, SuccessFactors and WageWorks. In the landscape, the companies in the outer circles represent more employer-driven use cases, while those companies in the middle are applications that tend to be more employee-driven. Within the talent acquisition category, new tools are helping HR and managers speed up hiring decisions by tapping into employees social networks.

The employee-centric evolution of HR software

The Loqate Engine enables software vendors to significantly enhance the functionality and capability of their own product offerings. For more information, see http://www.loqate.com . About Software AG Software AG ( SOW.F ) helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster. The company's big data, integration and business process technologies enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Building on over 40 years of customer-centric innovation, the company is ranked as a leader in 15 market categories, fueled by core product families Adabas and Natural, ARIS, Terracotta, webMethods and also Alfabet and Apama. Software AG has ca.

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