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Stallman Plea To Cm On Free Software

Stallman pointed out that the software could contribute substantially to enrich the language and help the lot of the blind people. Chandy, who is convalescing from illness at the Cliff House, told Stallman that the State Government was committed to the promotion of free software. We are doing it in all possible ways. If necessary, the state will do more in this regard, he said. Stallman said that through the wide use of Free Software, the users would have more control in the development and distribution of the facility as well. On the basis of the discussions digital signage software with the Free Software proponent, Chandy sought an immediate report from ICFOSS director Satheesh Babu, on measures which have to be taken up for widening the scope of free software in the state. Stallman had held discussions with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal, before heading for Kerala.

Shun non-free software to spare being spied: Stallman

"The state must respect people's privacy. Democracy cannot persist if this is denied. They do not think everything about everybody can be leaked. We have to resist this surveillance collectively," he said. Lavishing praises on Edward Snowden, the computer analyst who disclosed a large number of the US National Security Agency ( NSA ) documents, Stallman said the governments were trying to charge the whistle blowers with committing crime and putting them in prison. Social networking sites and majority of applications were stealing user's unseen information in secret formats, he said. According to Stallman, anybody using proprietary software was using non-proprietary malware. "You must consider every proprietary program as potential malware. But you are safer in a free software world," he said. He also said the digital world should be free from censorship and sharing should be legalised.

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