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As Traditional Media Adopts Native Advertising, Not Everyone Is Sold

blodget_2 In the meantime, traditional media companies are imitating their digital peers, racing to adopt the hot new digital thing, native advertising. The category has become so irresistible that even the New York Times is doing it . Native is now table stakes for digital publishers, according to the Times EVP of advertising, Meredith Kopit Levien, who joined the Times in July from (surprise!) Forbes. This despite Executive Editor Jill Abramsons comments in May that the Times would not introduce native ads, because they confuse readers by blurring the line between ads and editorial. Now the Times is going native, with brands publishing content directly on its site, regardless of whether Abramson likes it or not. Score one for the money side of these details the house. For his part, Blodget is a contrarian on native ads, questioning how well they work both the real native advertising on Twitter, and the wannabe kind on BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Forbes, and, soon, the Times. From PandoMonthly last night: Some of the stuff BuzzFeeds doing, I wonder about it. What I see is a very entertaining listicle with some fun GIFs on it, and then I see a tiny little blurb that says Brought to you by at the top. What I think when I see it is, Hey, wait a minute, the listicle has nothing to do with the sponsor, and I get a tiny little message.

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