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Third House Republican Signs On To Sweeping Immigration Bill

Election signs go missing

citizenship. But Valadao said he hoped to show House Republican leaders, who have rejected taking up a comprehensive Senate immigration bill, that there is support in the party for taking up the issue this year. "Addressing immigration reform in the House cannot wait. I am serious about making real progress and will remain committed to doing whatever it takes to repair our broken immigration system," Valadao said in a statement. Valadao and Denham represent more moderate, heavily Hispanic districts in California and both could face difficult re-election challenges from Democrats in 2014. The House immigration bill is similar to the plan passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate earlier this year. But House Republican leaders have said that if they take up immigration at all it will be through a series of smaller bills on proposals like stronger border security and employment verification measures.

And just as ghosts and witches may bedevil trick-or-treaters, campaign season has its own phantoms. The latest political ghoul struck the signs in Concord Township, where Democratic Chairman Dan Foster said he and a crew of volunteers stuck 150 signs in the ground on Sunday morning only to have almost every one of them vanish that night. Foster says the signs, which encouraged residents to vote for four Democratic candidates for local office, including himself, cost $1,500. He said the signs were posted at busy intersections and on residential lawns in the township of about 17,000 people. He filed a complaint with the police and said he suspected local Republican organizers of yanking the signs out of the ground. "I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to nurture relations with the chair of the Republican party and trying to build a trust between the two parties," Foster said. "I thought we were kind of past this stealing-signs behavior. . . . This should not be part of politics. Stealing signs is illegal." Kevin O'Donoghue, the chairman of the local Republicans, said that he had no knowledge of the sign theft. In fact, Republicans in Concord have seen their own signs snatched this fall. "We just put them back up," O'Donoghue said. "It's not a big event. It's just the natural on-goings of any election." - Julie Zauzmer

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