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Protracker Software Announces Protracker Cloud

Why Apple Wants Its Software to Be Free

We've also added new security features to meet the strict requirements imposed on FINRA- and SEC-regulated firms," Mackensen said. Powered by SugarCRM, an open-source database trusted by millions worldwide, and enhanced with insights from Mackensen and hundreds of other financial planning practitioners who've tested ProTracker products over the years, ProTracker Cloud will reside on Amazon Web Services. The web-based solution will allow financial advisors to manage their practice and client records from any Internet-connected device. Built by a tenured financial advisor with years of experience serving retail investors, ProTracker Cloud offers the following benefits: Two-factor authentication process reduces security concerns "Teams" function facilitates supervision and regulatory compliance Allows users to define workflow processes, assign tasks and monitor completion Allows the advisory firm to run automated marketing communication campaigns Accessible from any mobile device Scalable for any size practice, from sole proprietor to multi-office firm Helps manage tasks and nurture relationships Imports from portfolio management systems and accounting software Provides many standard reports and a custom report builder Organizes financial, life planning and estate information related to client accounts Manages emails and other electronic documents Synchronizes contacts, appointments, tasks with Outlook and indirectly with PDAs Expedites communication with individuals, clients and groups via email and printed mailings Offers fast navigation and an intuitive interface Flexible subscription model provides cost-effective options for growing firms NOT JUST http://www.socialequitypartners.org ANOTHER CRM ProTracker Cloud has a built-in "teams" function, which enables independent broker/dealers and their Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJs), as well as independent Registered Investment Advisors, to monitor and manage workflows and client communications. Silos of information can be contained and viewed only by those with set permissions. ProTracker Cloud is built on two-factor authentication. This means that the user enters a user name and password to access the system and then receives a time-limited, second passcode only after the first level of authentication is achieved. "Security breaches are a growing concern in all industries, but this is a major issue for financial services firms. Two-factor authentication is 'a must have' in my opinion," said Mackensen, who served as a communications officer on a nuclear submarine while in the Navy.

Denver-area software company lands investment

(Photo: Martin Svoboda, USA TODAY) SHARE 421 CONNECT 59 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE PRAGUE Totalitarianism often leads to capitalism. Consider the ominous-sounding Research Institute for Mathematical Machines where, in 1988, researchers Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudis toiled while Czechoslovakia was a satellite of the Soviet Union. Kucera had no future in physics because he refused to join the Communist Party. Baudis was no better off, examining strange code on a floppy disk that turned out to be the Vienna virus. "I was prohibited by the Communists from practicing physics, so I did (information technology)," Kucera says from a penthouse office overlooking Prague. "It was the reason for our success. With Communism, there are no successful companies." Little did Kucera and Baudis know that a quarter-century later, their modest cooperative then called ALWIL would blossom into Avast Software, a full-fledged international phenomenon. With nearly 200 million customers in 43 languages a staggering 1 million users in 38 different countries it is used by more people than rivals AVG Technologies, Symantec and McAfee combined.

MicroStrategy revamps software for bigger data sets, faster visuals

The funding from Mainsail Partners , a growth equity firm, is a significant milestone for a company that has bootstrapped its way so far, said Jeff Gardner, Zen Planner CEO. This growth capital, combined with Mainsails experience in scaling companies like ours, will allow us to further invest in product development, mobile solutions, sales and marketing, and deliver high-quality customer service, Gardner said. Zen Planner LLC started in 2006 with the idea that existing software for fitness companies didnt fit the industrys needs, and that better software could help the companies thrive. Vinay Kashyap and Jason Payne, from Mainsail Partners, will join the Zen Planner board, the company said.

Longer term however, investors hope to http://www.examiner.com/article/digital-advertising-use-on-st-luke-s-campus see real device innovation from a company that has not unveiled a new breakthrough product in years. Cook on Tuesday dismissed the competition as directionless. "Our competition is different: they're confused," he said. "Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs.

Hey software engineers, if you want the big bucks, think networking

It can connect with the MongoDB NoSQL data store as well as Hadoop distributions from Hortonworks, Intel and Pivotal. Analytics Enterprise now comes with the R statistical programming language , increasingly used for statistical analysis. Geographic Information System (GIS) software and service vendor Esri have provided a set of map skins and cartographic markers that can be used for geographic renditions of data sets. MicroStrategy also has improved the performance of the software. The application can now fit 10 times as much data in memory as the previous version could, and the self-service querying now runs up to 40 percent faster. In addition to updating its core enterprise software, MicroStrategy has also released a free tool to help business analysts fetch data from various sources and copy it directly to their desktops.

Avast Software emerged from Communism to shine in security

Instead it is Juniper Networks, a company usually associated with networking hardware but that is making a big push into software-defined networking. Juniper pays its software engineers on average $160K per year, according to new research from Glassdoor . LinkedIn was second at $136K; then Yahoo at $130K; with Google at $127K just edging out Twitter at $125K. Networking companies Arista, Brocade and Cisco took up four of the top 25 companies ranking 11, 16 and 17 respectively. Last year, Cisco was the only networking company to crack the top 15 payers. In a research note referencing Glassdoors findings, UBS analyst Amitabh Passi wrote: The fact that software engineers are being increasingly sought by networking companies is not a surprise, given the importance of software defined networking, infrastructure automation, orchestration, and increasing use of open source models within networking. The top 5 companies in this category last year were Google, Facebook, Apple, Ebay andZynga.

Apple gives away Mac software, unveils iPad Air

Philip W. Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc, introduces the new iPads during an Apple event in San Francisco, California October 22, 2013. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Mavericks and two other software suites, iWork and iLife , are now available for download free of charge. This continues an ongoing trend at Apple of lowering software pricesthe previous version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, cost only $30. Compare that with Microsoft ( MSFT ), which charges $120 for the base version of its latest operating system, Windows 8.1, and $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro. By going free, Apple has acknowledged something thats been true in the industry for years: Software is a means to sell hardware. Sure, there are some specialized applications that can command a hefty profit margin, but bread-and-butter applications used in the mainstream are not things you sell. They are things people get when they turn on that shiny new object they just shelled out for.

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