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Fast Growing Io.com Software-defined Datacenter Player Going Public This Year


BizNet Software Wins K2 Enterprises' Quality Award for Business Reporting Solution

Image Caption The company builds data centers, packed with servers as well as storage and networking equipment, which are roughly the size of an 18-wheel truck. Customers can deploy them closer to their offices than the football field-sized data centers they typically rent space in now. IO Data Centers also develops software to run these modular data centers more efficiently, at a time when the electricity requirements for running large-scale computing infrastructure are on the rise.

Xero Zeros In On Another $150M To Do Battle With Intuit In The World Of Online SMB Accounting Software

xero apps The software is designed to meet the standards defined by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) for credentialing, quality assurance, and training. "The first version of SonixHub was revolutionary in its design, structure, function, and integration with the ultrasound machine," said Vivek Tayal, MD, emergency ultrasound leader. "SonixHub's ability to provide administrative guidance anywhere in the world with an Internet connection was a game changer.

Analogic Ultrasound Announces Next Generation SonixHub Software at ACEP 2013

He said it's inferior software the oil companies had given that was causing headache for both the distributors and customers. "Consumers believe the delay in getting cylinders and subsidy is caused by distributors. We have been provided with ill-equipped software, always slow or down. We have been repeatedly requesting two oil companies-Bharat Petroleum and Indane-to upgrade their software http://www.new-venturist.com so that all issues could be sorted out," he said. Kumar said even the date in the software does not change when you sign in every day. "We cannot enter the booking details if the date is not updated.

LPG agencies blame software for delay in supply

Before TechCrunch, Ingrid worked at paidContent.org, where she was a staff writer, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect. When it comes to... Learn More Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Shanghai Kingstar Winning Software Co Ltd (300253.SZ)

We are proud to be recognized by K2 for our innovative Excel-based reporting solution." "This was a very interesting year for our awards. Three of the categories were http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/300002.SZ/key-developments/article/2847541 unanimous. I don't think I have ever seen that before." K2 has been providing the K2 Quality Awards now for twelve years. "My sincere congratulations to all winners! We certainly enjoy doing these awards and we wish everyone could win," said Randy Johnston, Executive V.P. "Anyone who can sway over our team members really deserves the recognition," added Brian Tankersley, Director of Strategic Relationships. About BizNet Software BizNet Software(R), Inc.

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GE?s Radical Software Helps Jet Engines Fix Themselves

Something that may appeal to motorists: a new Driving Mode will automatically silence incoming calls and texts so that you can focus on the road. You also can configure the feature to automatically send out a reply to say that you're driving. It can be activated automatically when the phone is linked wirelessly with a Bluetooth device in the car, such as a headset. Apple has a Do Not Disturb feature for iPhones, but that needs to be turned on manually. What the Driving Mode won't do, however, is block outgoing calls or texts.

Microsoft's phone software to feature driving mode

Since 2011, the companys Software Center, located in San Ramon, California, has grown from four people to some 700 and counting. In that time, Petroffs team there has built the foundation for Predix, a flexible software platform intended to dramatically streamline the monitoring and maintenance for all the industrial technologies GE provides. Whereas field engineers currently wrestle with idiosyncratic systems and separate interfaces for all the different hardware they servicesometimes armed with little more than a briefcase full of paper manualsPredix and its card-based UI will gradually become the interface for all those machines. But the softwares promise goes beyond cohesiveness and convenience. The real vision is to link all these diverse machines to the cloud, quantifying their performance and benchmarking them against each otherall in the name of eliminating the number one bugaboo of all these industries: unscheduled down time. Imagine an engineer walking up to a wind turbine with tablet in hand, and the turbine telling him that a fuse should be replaced not because its broken but because it will give out in three weeks time.

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